Waterdichte smartphone case

There are lots of these out there, but none that are as simple, reliable, and inexpensive!

This waterproof case works with iPods, and most of the iPhone models. It is easy to open and close, is submersible (not just splash proof) and comes with a handy tether cord so you can hang it on the towel rack or deck chair.

The membrane on the front allows you to use the touch screen like you normally do and the rigid housing provides protection from drops and bumps.


Get one! Get two!


*Trust us, they don’t cost much. No prices here because the price varies depending on which country you are in. Click the Get Pricing button and let us know where you are, the price and ordering info will be emailed to you.

        Closed Angle w cord e1308091125370 124x1501 Waterproof iPhone Case                   Front no cord e1308091065423 77x1501 Waterproof iPhone Case                  Front w cord e1308091103675 100x1501 Waterproof iPhone Case

Open Angle e1308091041837 150x1251 Waterproof iPhone Case         front half submerged e1308862746485 125x1501 Waterproof iPhone Case           back with speaker e1308862772236 91x1501 Waterproof iPhone Case