Een spa die uw verwachtingen overtreft, binnen een kleiner budget.
Onze nieuwe Arctic Spas Essentials serie omvat een scala aan modellen die allemaal hetzelfde doel dienen. Namelijk het verdienen van de Arctic Spas handtekening in een zuiver, simplistisch design. Deze serie handhaaft dezelfde prestaties als de kern Arctic Spas, van het eenvoudige bedieningsgemak tot het intelligente design van zowel vorm als materiaal. Het is een voorrecht om er een te bezitten.

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Roomy and simple, yet refined. The all-new Iceberg features four swivel seats that allow both the comfort of bucket seating, or by simply swing your legs up, a relaxing lounge position. A deep-water immersion seat for the tallest user completes this versatile, open design.
Cabinet size: 229 cm x 262 cm x 95 cm (90” x 103” x 37.4”)
Volume: 1562 litres (413 US gallons)

Innovatieve Specificaties

The Essential series features no-nonsense designs which include our Self-Supporting Hull, our Heatlock® cabinet with Total Access™ and a durable, insulated rubber 4xFloor™ to protect the underside of the spa. This heat-trapping envelope ensures that the ongoing cost of ownership is kept to an absolute minimum.

As with all Arctic Spas®, the Essential series is totally upgradable – at purchase or in the future. Add more advanced purification, entertainment or appearance options whenever you like!

Essential Arctic Technologies

These are the core components that define every Arctic Spa, and our Essential Series is no different.

Self-Supporting Composite Hull Design – More layers of hand- rolled, filler free fiberglass equate to a shell so strong that it requires no additional support – no foam, no stiffening plastic backing, and no props.

hull Essential Series

Heatlock® Perimeter Insulated Cabinet – Our Heatlock Perimeter Insulated cabinet traps the ambient equipment heat, and allows this heat to transfer back to the spa water, eliminating many of the heater cycles other spas have to run. Heatlock technology saves you money each and every day by making the most of every energy dollar.

Heat Lock essentials Essential Series

Total Access™- The Essential Series maintains the ease of access for upgrades or repairs with removable door panels all the way around your spa. With no foam to dig, an upgrade or a small problem is easily visible and easy to complete.

Completed Sealed 4Xfloor™ – The underside of your spa should be sealed against moisture and pests. Our composite 4xFloor leaves no doubt, and provides a great foundation for your spa.

floor Essential Series